Morning Walks


"A pair of what?"

This is how Joelle and I were greeted early one morning as we strolled up to the Liberty Ridge Farm to gather Sunny as we all continued on our daily sunrise walk.

Now, you need to understand the dynamics of our neighborhood. I have lived next to Sunny for fifteen years, but hadn't started my journey into fiber, fleece and flocks until about three years ago. Joelle, Sunny's daughter also lives on the same road. So, every morning at 6 am Joelle and I start down the road and pick up Sunny on the way. We walk at a good sweaty pace and discuss important topics, such as what silly things Joelle's boys have said, which one of my dogs escaped the yard, and which one of Tom's tractors is broken.

Well, this morning started out pretty typical. Joelle and I walked by my son Justin and soon to be daughter in law Nicole's house where their dog Logan sits, or rather races obnoxiously as we pass. We spy Joelle's cat, Chester, in the far pasture of Liberty Ridge hunkered down low trying to ignore us as we call to him. We pass by Sunny and Tom's flock of sheep grazing out in the pasture, always startled to see us so early. On, toward Marion's house where Nicole's cat Bruce (Brucie to Marion) is going to visit Lady, the cat. As we passed the barn the peacocks start yelling out "help me" (I swear that's what they are saying!). By this time we usually can see Sunny with one or two of her beloved Border Collies heading down the driveway to meet us. But, this morning there isn't any sign of Sunny. Then Joelle says "Dad must have started a fire". I started scanning all the places that would usually have a fire and am unable to see one. Now mind you, it's 6:10 in the morning. "Where?" I say to Joelle. By now we are in front of the house and she points to an extremely large stump that is glowing in flames. I was thinking how impressed I was that Tom was up so early trying to get rid of that old maple stump when from around the far corner of the house comes Sunny, wearing a neon green hunters vest, with a very large armful of old hardwood flooring, that they had removed from and upstairs bedroom, and throws it on the fire.

We are caught with surprise, which then turns to laughter. "Only your Mother" I say to Joelle. "Yes, I know". In between the laughing she says "this would make a great blog post for you to write - Life with Sunny".

As Sunny approaches to join us she says "A pair of what?"

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