"Um, horse....."

This was the text I received from JJ, my neighbor across the street, as I was trying to catch a random horse coming down my driveway one morning.

I had just gotten out of the shower and went downstairs in my towel to let the dogs in the house. As they were coming in the front door, I noticed a horse trotting down the driveway towards me. I wondered 'Do I try and catch him now?' As I pondered this thought, one of my dogs decided to let the whole gang out and they all spotted the horse - which proceeded to do a U-turn on the spot and trot back down the driveway.

I then decide it was time to throw some clothes on and head down the driveway in my car. As I rounded the curve, I noticed two men holding the horse. They asked if it was mine.

But sights like this are common on our road. Sunny and I are always up to something or getting ourselves into interesting situations! Whether it is rescuing baby deer from the wrong side of the fence or digging through garbage piles for yarn, we are up for it. Sunny’s daughter, Joelle, and I would then giggle about the escapades.

The two nice men then put the horse in the barn for me and went to find his owner. “Maybe you’ll have a horse if nobody claims him” one said to me. I had given up taking care of horses at home after my daughter graduated college. He was a pretty cute looking guy and I am a sucker for animals that are lost, abandoned, and injured. But, I could just hear my husbands voice in my head and decided that this horse would he will be going home.-Besides he would KILL me....

JJ, Joelle’s husband, texted me to say that their son kept screaming "horse". It wasn’t until Braddock came over, grabbed his dads hand and took him to the window that JJ realized, um horse… The horse was rolling around in his yard having a nice snow bath when he decided to come over and visit me.

The owner was found very quickly and he was returned home. Apparently he is somewhat of a Houdini. I expect we may be seeing him again.

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