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Products & Services

Liberty Ridge produces a wide range of natural washed, dyed and carded fibers including high grade wool (Romney), mohair, and alpaca blends to excite any spinner or felter. We also sell luscious blends of silk, bamboo, fine merino, mohair, cashmere, yak down, and camel down.. We invite you to experience the vast array of colors and textures. The sky is the limit. Other than the on-line store, the shop is open by appt only. 


Yarn & Knitting Needles

We specialize in handling great yarns in natural fibers and everything imaginable in knitting needles and accessories. We offer a wide variety of wools, wool blends, silks, mohair in a rich palate of colors.  On a limited basis we sell specialty dyed silk blends, yak blends and wools in one of a kind colors. The dye pots are going regularly here at the farm.  Feast on the colors, both variegated and solids. Check out our knitting equipment to go along with the yarns!


Spinning, Weaving, & Felting Equipment

We at Liberty Ridge have sold spinning and weaving and felting equipment since 1974.  We are Ashford and Louet dealers and carry an expansive line of textile tools to make the artisan’s work easier.   

Custom Carding
Live Stock

Sunny is a sixth generation Sheppard. For 40 years we have bred a flock of sheep to produce long, soft, bright fleeces for spinning.  Our Mohair goats were added in the 1980’s and the blends we have produced for spinners have been our top sellars. Soft, lofty yarns are created from these fleeces. The natural antibiotic free method of raising our lambs makes for wonderful freezer lambs also. Check for availability. They are good lawn mowers too!! We also offer homegrown eggs and honey from the farm for local visitors. 

Border Collies

We love border collies!  We have spent over 20 years breeding the best tempered, smart, keen workers, loving and long lived border collies. They are stellar in adapting to their new homes and requirements. Many of our customers are repeat owners or come back for more than one. We think these pups are just the best! The coats vary from the traditional black & white, tri-colored with the occasional red and white, and the coats can be straight, wavy or curly; each one is uniquely individual. We also offer boarding for our pups while the owners are away.  These border collies are just amazing. Check here for current or pending litters! 


We custom process your washed fibers into a lofty, gossamer web that can be used for spinning and works equally well for felting. Many customers have converted their wool into quilt batting, pillows, and rugs. We can handle both white and natural colored wools and blends.