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Liberty Ridge History

    Liberty Ridge Farm was established in 1974 in Verona, NY by Sunny and Tom Bixby. Sunny, a fifth generation Shepard received her first Romney sheep as a birthday gift from Tom to make her own sweater from the fleece.  Unknown to Tom and Sunny, Amy the sheep was expecting - and then they had two!  They bought a ram to call it a "flock" and swelled the flock over the next several years to a staggering 360 head of sheep with several breeds, including Tunis and Border Leicester.  Sunny and Tom not only grew the flock, but also grew the farm into a full time business.
     In 1984 Sunny was asked to speak at the World Congress of Colored Wool in Christ Church, New Zealand.  Since then she has judged sheep and fleeces, held workshops and given classes all over the world.
     The Family Farm has transitioned over the years and while they don't have quite so many sheep, Tom and Sunny still are active farmers and teachers.  They have a small shop on the farm that carries essentials for handspinners, knitters, felters and people who want to continue to learn new things.  There are books on various subjects, spinning wheels, yarn, various kinds of exotic fibers, as well as finished handmade goods.